Reduce your overhead costs, increase your profit. 

Remote Teams


Are you looking to reduce your overhead costs? We have the solution.

We will develop a perfect remote team based on your needs.

Some benefits of working with us:

  • Your team will be made up of mexican grads from US universities, as well as graduates from the best universities in Mexico, some of which are located in Monterrey.
  • We are located in Monterrey Mexico, this means that we share the same timezone as Houston or Dallas TX. Meetings and planning won’t be a timezone issue.
  • We are an hour flight away from Houston or Dallas TX. So our team can easily travel to meet you whenever you need.
  • Our proximity to the United States allows us to share multiple characteristics in work culture.
  • Because we are neighbors, english pronunciation in Mexico is better than in other parts of the world.


Become more competitive by reducing your costs.

We know how difficult it is to cover every activity in your business and still keep your overhead costs low. We offer a full range of remote teams which are ready to develop any activity your company might need. 

The following are a few examples of the most common teams:

Bookeeping Remote Team

Accounting Remote Team

Logistics Coordination Remote Team 

Backoffice Remote Team

Inventory Management Remote Team

Import- Export Remote Team

Cash Management Remote Team 

Supply Chain Management Remote Team


The Whole Marketing Scope in One Place.

From a simple illustration, to a complete digital marketing campaign. Our group encompass SEO geniuses, social media campaign strategists, graphic design professionals, and content masters.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Campaign Development

Social Media Management

Graphic Design

Web Design

Marketing Automation

Email Campaigns


“Grupo Mar’s reach gives us confidence in our critical path projects.”

“The ability to offshore data processing in the same time zone is key to our cost strategy.”

“Grupo Mar allows us to shift our fixed and variable costs as the market changes.”